Our History

Over the last few decades, the Boston area has seen many small engine repair businesses come and go. Some went under trying to undersell the competition, other simply failed to satisfy the customers. Dan’s has outlasted them all by offering reasonable rates, quality work, and a satisfaction guarantee.

Dan’s Small Engine Repair truly began in the 1970’s, when 10 year old Dan dismantled a lawnmower engine, curious about how it worked. As the years went by, Dan continued to learn and soon became the go-to guy for any family member or friend who needed small engine repair or maintenance. Eventually he gained the business of local shops and construction companies, and his hobby evolved into an entrepreneurial venture. 

Dan moved to Boston in the 1980’s, where he attended College and earned his degree in Computer Engineering. It wasn’t long before the neighborhood learned of Dan’s skilled hand with small engines, and despite working full time; he was back in the repair business once again. 

Dan’s Small Engine Repair continues to flourish today. It’s an operation on the move, with onsite service for most maintenance and repairs. When repairs need special facilities, Dan will pick up and drop off – at no additional charge – to any address in the surrounding area.

Much has changed over the years. Dan now has factory training on many different brands of small engines, a complete arsenal of specialty tools, and a complete shop at his disposal. Still, some things never do change. Dan holds true to the same promises he made in the 1970’s:

Good work, in a reasonable amount of time, and at a fair price. Customer satisfaction is still his number one priority. If it’s not right, we’ll make it right, guaranteed.

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